10+ core Kinect announcements at E3 — report

Kinect’s core-focused wares will be on display full force at Microsoft’s E3 briefing early next month, sources have whispered to EG. What’s more, the selection at the show is said to “serve the hardcore.”

At least 10 games for the motion peripheral will be revealed, and they “won’t be obvious.” So there’s no word on what the games will be, though Crytek’s Codename: Kingdoms and the previously demonstrated Star Wars title (expected this holiday) could be likely candidates. Newly-founded MGS Vancouver is also known to be working on a Kinect game, believed to be a “core AAA shooter.” As for the rest, who knows.

There are no sequels among the ten, although follow-ups to Rare’s Kinect Sports and Harmonix’s Dance Central are expected as additional announcements.

Microsoft’s briefing kicks off on June 6th at 12:30 PM ET / 9:30 AM PT. Those not in attendance will be able to watch it on Spike TV or stream it from Gametrailers.com (worldwide).