SEGA assures “new standards” for Stormrise dev

Stormrise, a console RTS from SEGA Brisbane, wasn’t the most successful of games neither critically nor commercially. However SEGA Vice President of Production Gary Dunn has spoken a little about changes in the studio since the 2009 game, and why we should have faith in the developer going forward.

He told Strategy Informer: “Suffice to say since Stormrise‘s completion, the studio down under has been heavily invested in, entirely new leadership team from the likes of EA, Ubisoft…

“The people who made Stormrise aren’t the people who populate, at least the leadership, that studio,” he added. “There’s a new set of standards in place, they’re doing a very different game.”

A very different game? Perhaps not an RTS at all then? “We’ll be making an announcement within the next few weeks about what they’re working on next.” Dunn concluded.

Keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.