Bethesda boasts Skyrim stats

Saying that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be big is like saying a Call of Duty campaign will be short (I mean it’s obvious), but that hasn’t stopped Bethesda game director Todd Howard from boasting a few bits of info to Norwegian site (as picked up by OXM).

“At last count we had about 120 real caves, and more than 100 common points of interest outside,” Howard said. “The game is actually too big.” We’re happy to eat up developer hype, but saying the game is “too big”? That’s a little bit far, no?

Despite the huge map though, Howard assures that the game world will be diverse and interesting as opposed to Oblivion‘s copy and paste towns and mountains. The overall size will be roughly the same, but the team has hand-made the entire world from scratch.

“In Oblivion we let the visual designers take care of the caves, and we also had a couple of dedicated level designers who went over them afterwards. There was nothing wrong with them, but they could have been better,” Howard continued.

“We still stock them in kit form – it’s something we’ve done since Terminator: Future Shock. The difference is that we’re better at it.”

Skyrim launches on November 11.