BioShock 2 DLC heads to PC on May 31

You wouldn’t be blamed for looking at that title and thinking “Isn’t that out yet?”, but surprisingly enough the PC version of BioShock 2 is still waiting for its Minerva’s Den DLC expansion, something that console gamers got way back in 2010.

A solid release date for the pack has finally been nailed down, and it’s not that far from release. 2K’s confirmed that “Minerva’s Den will be headed to Games for Windows Live! Within the next day, some of you may notice new achievements appearing – and on May 31st you’ll be able to download the final chapter of BioShock 2‘s story.”

That’s just under two weeks away. Load up that rivet gun and start eyeballing those little sisters in that “Don’t know if I’ll kill you yet” way.