NCsoft profits enlighten darker times

NCsoft has seen a profitable Q1 for 2011 meaning its up 41 billion Won (roughly 38 million USD), making it a 33% increase compared to Q4 2010. However, despite the spike, the publisher continues to see a blistering year-on-year decrease of 30%. Lineage performed well, growing on a quarterly basis, but Lineage 2 and Aion haven’t due to “soft sales promotions.” Ironically enough, Aion was the publisher’s best performer accounting for half its revenue with Lineage and Lineage 2 accounting for the other half.

As far as sales go, NCsoft generated 155 billion Won, which roughly translates to 143 million USD. That is a decrease of 2% quarter-over-quarter, and a 7% decrease year-on-year.

With Guild Wars 2 coming up this November, we bet these number will be moving around a bit.