Next Total War in the works

Next to working on that new not-a-tie-in Aliens project, Sega-owned Creative Assembly is also in the process of adding to the turn-based Total War series, people from the studio have revealed.

“Yes,” creative director Mike Simpson simply confirmed when asked the question. “We never stop, so yes.”

The new installment was in the works before Shogun 2: Total War arrived on shelves earlier this year even; according to studio director Tim Heaton, the new game was in development “while we were finishing Shogun 2. … Absolutely we’re on the next.”

Creative Assembly has been working on the series since 2000 and has released over a dozen games and expansions since, so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

As for the long-awaited Shogun sequel, “It’s doing fab,” says Simpson. “We’re 90 percent Metacritic, which is exactly where we wanted to hit, and it’s selling great.”