Awesomenauts announced from Romino Games

The point at which the press release for Awesomenauts widens yours eyes? When it mentions “space frogs with mohawks”; where do we sign up?

But there are other reasons to be excited for this new 2D brawler from Romino Games, the first being that it’s coming from the developer who worked on the excellent Swords and Soldiers, a downloadable RTS title. The “Multiplayer Online BattleĀ Arena” also takes inspiration from classic 80’s cartoons, which, as we all know, were the best kind of cartoons.

It plays out as a platforming-action game; a throw back to SNES games with an online twist. We’ve got some screens for you to check out, revealing a lot of the mayhem. It’s set to release on XBLA and PSN, but no word on just when it will do that.

Also, no, it has no connection to Scribblenauts.