Battlefield 3 DLC to match Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam quality

Niklas Fegraeus, Battlefield 3‘s lead designer, wants the upcoming shooter sequel’s DLC to be of the “same quality” as DICE’s Vietnam expansion to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as we’re sure the rest of the team does.

He revealed on the game’s blog (as picked up by OXM): “With Battlefield: Bad Company 2, we did a lot of experimenting with DLC, and I think that we learnt a lot along the way. The goal is that any content for Battlefield 3 will be of the same quality as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. That means we have to start work early alongside the base game.”

Strikes us that if that’s the case, it could just, y’know, be in the game to start with, but the Karkand pack is going free with pre-orders so we won’t complain. Battlefield 3 is believed to launch on November 2.