BioShock film still in the works

After a submerged hiatus, Irrational’s Ken Levine has resurged hope in people longing for a feature film based on Rapture and the BioShock franchise. When Pirates of the Caribbean’s Gore Verbinski signed off as director and signed on for producer and studios insisting on a PG-13 rating, which quite frankly doesn’t scream “underwater armageddon” enough to us, things cooled down and silence settled. Rumors had us fear whether or not it was actually going to make it to the silver screen. Luckily, based on the answer Levine forwarded a Twitter follower who asked if the movie was “ever going to happen,” it still is.

“Meetings on that very topic next week,” Levine responded. Swift, effective yet painfully without any further details – not that we’re surprised. These rendezvous of important people connected to the film will take place between pre-E3 events and the actual E3 expo, which starts on June 7th. With 28 Weeks Later’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo now linked to the project as director, things seem to be back on track, although any info spilled at these “meetings” are highly unlikely to be spread across the internet any time soon, unless Levine’s sense of generosity manifests itself in another 140 characters or less.

After so many past failures, the question remains; do we dare hope a cross-media adaptation like this won’t suck despite every fiber in our being and memory in our mind telling us it is destined to underwhelm us?