Duke and his babes ready for NDS next week

It’s taken devs over a decade to get Duke back, but he is in fact coming around, and sooner than you think. All interested in hanging out with the King, shoot some aliens and enjoy the babes will be able to do so on Nintendo’s DS as soon as next week, on May 25th, which is when Duke Nukem: Critical Mass will hit shelves. With the promise of a 30-level campaign, there’s plenty of carnage and one-liners to go around.

An interesting note in Critical Mass would be the addition of co-op play which quite frankly doesn’t seem very Duke Nukem to us; ever since we first met the golden-haired alien shooter, we’ve known him to be the one-man army, the “I work alone and do things my way” kind of guy. A partner? As stated earlier, interesting.

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass on May 25th for DS then, followed by Duke Nukem Forever on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on June 10th internationally, and June 14th in North America.