GameStop announces MW3 pre-order incentive

Upcoming shooter heavyweight Modern Warfare 3 has barely started making headlines and GameStop is already announcing pre-order bonuses for those eager to get some additional stuff alongside the game. Now, considering the night vision goggles offered with Modern Warfare 2 and the RC car accompanying Black Ops, you’d expect Modern Warfare 3 to go all out crazy and bring out the big guns, literally. And it probably will, but we’ll have to wait for the infinite list of developers behind the game to announce that one. Plenty of time to miraculously turn ourselves into millionaires; no doubt we’ll need the dough for it.

Meanwhile, GameStop’s pre-order incentive is quite the more subtle… a poster, as in a piece of glossy paper drenched in ink with “exclusive information” embedded on both sides of it, and one available in limited numbers  (500,000).

Modern Warfare 3 is expected to launch November 8th on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.