Update: Rumor: Next Alan Wake to be an XBLA title

Earlier this month, we reported on a statement by Remedy studios concerning their psychological thriller game centered around the game’s namesake, a  novelist named Alan Wake. The bottom line was that more of the game was coming, but that it wasn’t “Alan Wake 2.”

“But neither will it be DLC,” Oskari Häkkinen, head of franchise development, said in a statement back then. “The rest we’re saving for our official announcement when we’ll actually SHOW YOU.”

Now, a rumor has surfaced again about the next incarnation of the franchise, this time with XBLAFans attesting to having seen images of the actual game. The article continues that the game will be an Xbox Live Arcade release titled Alan Wake: Night Springs, but no further details are available.

The thought of the next Alan Wake installment coming to XBLA is fitting with Remedy’s previous comments though, which were about wanting the industry to embrace digital distribution.

Update: Remedy’s responded with a statement.