Windows Phone 7 getting Angry Birds and more

Things are coming around for Microsoft’s renewed Windows Phone brand, though not as quickly as anticipated. Previously, the company said WP7 devices would be getting some Angry Birds action by May 25, yet has now sent over confirmation of the game’s arrival June 29. Nit picky, I know, but they made up for it by releasing five weeks of gaming goodness before the fowl anger management begins.

Hydro Thunder Go, the pocket sized version of the XBLA hit Hydro Thunder, hits the marketplace for a cool $4.99 on May 25, followed the next week by the Twitter feed polluting Doodle Jump at a mere $2.99. Windows Phone 7 gets all defensive on June 8 with geoDefense, a tower defense game with a Geometry Wars twist, at $2.99 with Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 running in and stealing all your golden rings the following week for $6.99. Rounding out the list is the ever popular Plants vs. Zombies. The PopCap Games title shambles onto the WP7 front lawns this June 22 and will only eat up $4.99 of your green before Angry Birds crash lands the final week on June 29, doing $2.99 worth of damage.

There we go WP7 gamers, your summer is starting off pretty good.