Hellgate back from the dead?

We suppose that we have APB to thank for what seems to be a trend that’s emerging to resurrect dead MMOs. It appears that the debacle of the over-hyped Hellgate London is the next fallen MMO to make its comeback under the control of a new management.  The website T3FUN has just launched a brand new page for what’s being called Hellgate Global, but unfortunately there isn’t a whole worth of info on what the game will be compared to its original form.

If the news that Hellgate is making a comeback wasn’t surprising enough, the fact that the closed beta test is to start as soon as June 3 should floor you. Despite the details being scarce we’re still interested to see what will be different about this version of the game from the last and whether or not it’s even better. Thankfully it appears that T3Fun is being generous with beta invites, so hopefully we’ll be able to get in and check it out after June 3.