Mobile not “devaluing” gaming, says Remedy to Iwata

Back during GDC, Satoru Iwata, the outspoken head of Nintendo, commented during his keynote address that the mobile market is “devaluing” the industry. Some agreed, such as Silicon Knights head Denis Dyack, who said that the mobile dev space is “eroding the handheld market” due to the oversupply of, ahem, “fart apps”. However, not everyone is quick to agree with The Big N, as Alan Wake developer Remedy was quick to jump into the fray. Remedy EVP Aki “AJ” Järvilehto spoke to IndustryGamers about their recent iOS success with their remake of Death Rally, saying he didn’t know what all the fuss was about.

“Games and gaming as an experience is certainly changing – platforms are evolving and developers and consuming is evolving with it. New business models are booming and this is not about devaluation,” Järvilehto said. “I can’t see how the fact that mainstream consumers are finally embracing our industry could be negative. After all isn’t that what we’ve been hoping for since forever?”

Death Rally, which sells for only $0.99 on the iOS store, is currently the top selling iPad app in over 34 countries, including the US. No questions then on why Remedy supports the mobile market.