Supremacy MMA swings for September release

Publisher 505 Games and developer Kung Fu Factory have announced that their upcoming MMA fighter, Supremacy MMA, will be made available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 come this fall, more specifically, September 23rd.

While Supremacy MMA will play more arcade role compared to its competitors, thus differentiating itself from them, the real edge it has – and desperately needs to be a successful new IP – is the fact that it’ll be the only fighting game to be released during the remainder of this year. No opposition. No contender. No one throwing punches back at it. Question is, will it be enough? A 1-on-1 with a missing “1” can be a pretty boring fight.

In addition to the excitement above, pre-order bonuses for those living in the UK were announced as well, going by the name of “Strip Club: The Glass Slipper” (HMV), “Slaughter House” (, “Shane del Rosario” (Game) and “Bao Quach” ( The former two refer to locations or venues while the latter two refer to the addition of fighters to the game that promises to bend the rules between what’s permitted and what’s actually doable by own willpower. Might even break a few of them; rules, bones, heads, whatever.

“We believe the tremendous value of the title combined with the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had from consumers and writers during early gameplay sneak peeks, tells us this title deserves to launch in the thick of the autumn buying season,” said 505 Games NA President Ian Howe. September 23rd it is.