Dead or Alive: Dimensions pulled from release in Scandinavia

Due to a somewhat bizarre set of circumstances, Nintendo Europe has decided to forego the release of 3DS fighter Dead or Alive: Dimensions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

As reported by Eurogamer Sweden, the decision is due to a forum post pointing out that the game’s photo mode could be seen as a breach of Swedish child pornography laws, as three of the girls in the game are 17 and thus underage according to Swedish law. The background of the story is a case from earlier in the year, where a translator of manga was convicted possession of child pornography. Allegedly, the forum poster was not threatening legal action but rather arguing for the law to be changed.

The very possibility of legal action on these grounds have apparently been enough for publisher Nintendo to stop the game’s release in all three Scandinavian countries. Though a statement from developer Bergsala does not explicitly state the reason for the decision, but instead cites “various reasons” on the part of Nintendo Europe as grounds for the pull.