Forthcoming Brink patch promises to minimize lag

Brink has had a fairly rough reception since its launch. Among the complaints, the class-based, parkour, multiplayer FPS mashup has proven not to perform as nimbly as its free-running inspiration. Well, maybe more like a chubby parkour ninja assaulting a playground. Latency problems have been reported by many players, and developer Splash Damage is working on more updates to improve performance stability.

An Xbox 360 update that addresses lag issues has already been submitted to Microsoft. Players can expect it this coming week, according to a Bethesda blog post. They’re also confident that the same patch will be released for the PS3 version around the same time. Hopefully PSN won’t further stunt support for the game.

PC users will also receive a more extensive update “early next week.” The improvements will fix graphical performance, sound dropping out, a memory leak issue, and character voice problems. The server browser will get refinements to its filter, and the game’s dedicated server will receive an update concurrently with the patch release, which will improve CPU performance.

The blog post also supplies some advice on how to optimize your multiplayer experience before the updates roll out.