Quicker turnaround for future titles as Team Bondi moves ahead with full body capture

If there’s ever an LA Noire 2 — and, despite solid reviews, lofty sales expectations and broken records, that’s still an ‘if’ as far as anyone knows — it won’t take Aussie developer Team Bondi another 5 years to create.

Now that the Motion Scan technology has proven itself, writer/director Brendan McNamara explains, “[it’s] there and available and quick.” However: “The writing part you can’t really make any shorter.”

“All the lies and misdirection means that we have to map out many routes and a very large script to cover all of the different directions a player can go in the game. That means the script by its nature is three times as long because you have these different avenues and there are a lot of logical problems to that, as well.” So even if started today, a follow-up would still take a while.

No doubt adding to the development time is Bondi’s new goal; not content with capturing just faces, they’ve started work on their own full body tech which allows the studio to capture the performance of in-costume actors as if they were on a movie set. “We’ll be able to drop that performance in a video game, which will be pretty amazing.” Something worth waiting for?