Bungie-related Halo announcement incoming?

Last we heard, Bungie were off of the Halo series as of their last game, Halo Reach. We know that they’re keeping something well hidden from us with Activision at the moment, but for the most part it’s been all quiet on the dev’s front. Now there’s two rather telling bits of info on what they could be up to.

One of the few trickles of information we’ve heard out of them over the last few months has been the creation of dummy company Podophobia Entertainment, used for registering trademarks without catching attention. It obviously didn’t have the desired effect; the company’s website now holds a countdown with a timer of over (at the time of writing) 116 days. The message “Incoming transmission. Receiving distress signal. Please wait.” flashes at the bottom.

Sounds like a game announcement is finally coming but… what is it? The counter started at 117 days, which holds two interesting clues, as techinfinite points out. The first is that 117 days from the countdown is the tenth anniversary of the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. Second is the fact that this is the same amount of time between Halo Reach‘s online beta and its own release. Doesn’t take a Spartan to figure this one out.

Supporting Halo rumors is Microsoft’s own press pass for their E3 conference. Destructoid found that the pass takes a yearbook style approach, providing options like “Favorite┬áhero” or “Accessory of choice” and then letting you stick one of several names next to them, including Batman, Lara Croft, Marcus Fenix and more. Both Master Chief and Cortana, two iconic characters from the Halo franchise, are listed. Could this be a big hint or simply a big joke?

But will Bungie be involved? Aren’t they done with their flagship franchise? Could there be one last hurrah? That E3 conference is less than two weeks away.