UK retailer says pre-owned is “good for the industry”

Publishers have made it more than clear in both actions and words that they dislike the pre-owned games business, but for retailers it’s the biggest part of the market. Ian Sheperd, boss of major UK retailer GAME, has stressed to MCV that the system is in fact good for the whole industry.

“I think, through conversations with developers and platform owners, that there is a growing realisation that a healthy pre-owned marketplace is good for the whole industry,” the CEO stated.

“It has made the mint marketplace more affordable and has kept people in that marketplace,” he continued, mint meaning new. “There has been endless debate over pre-owned versus mint, but my view is that a healthy pre-owned and trade-in marketplace – which we are largely the people who are involved in driving – is good for the whole industry.”

With a rise in online passes, publishers now have a way to fight pre-owned sales, but this war isn’t going away anytime soon.