Konami takes to the skies with Birds of Steel

A new flight sim is headed our way; Konami has announced Birds of Steel for PS3 and 360, developed by Gaijin Entertainment.

Steel focuses on historic and fictional missions in World World II, putting players in the cockpits of some famous fighters as they soar above the battle of Pearl Harbour, Midway, the Coral Sea and beyond.

Over 100 planes will be thrown in, with iconic classics like Spitfires, P-51D Mustangs and Messerschmidt 109s being faithfully recreated. Weather effects will play a huge part and any damage to your vehicle will make it harder to control.

Online modes will make it in too; both co-op and competitive game types are being developed.

It’s Konami’s aim to make this a flight sim with all the intensity of a first-person shooter. With that in mind they should take a page out of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon‘s book.