Update: No PS3 online for Dirt 3 until store returns

Since you need to redeem the VIP Pass to take Dirt 3 online, Codemasters have said that PS3 users will have to wait until the PlayStation Store comes back until that can happen. The VIP Pass comes packed in with the game, or can be bought with 800 Microsoft Points or with £6.29 on PSN. When asked about the situation by VideoGamer, Codemasters communications manager Andy Gray replied: “It is a really unfortunate situation but we are positive that everything is being done to rectify the service as soon as possible”.

A few days ago, Warner announced that Mortal Kombat will be free to play on PSN until the Store returns.

Update: It’s not possible to offer a MK-like solution, Codemasters has said. “We’ve looked into doing something similar for DiRT 3 but it’s not technically possible. It’s hard-coded into the game.”

“Changing this would require considerable development time and a patch which would need to go through the submission process. This in itself would be a longer process that waiting for Sony to bring the PSN Store back online.”