THQ to distribute 2011 Codemasters titles in the US

For a UK publisher, Codemasters has some great AAA titles in store and already out in 2011. While Operation Flashpoint has already waged war on their home country, and Dirt 3 has just released worldwide, the company will be getting some help distributing the rest of its titles in North America this year.

As already seen with Dirt 3, Codemasters is partnering with THQ to distribute three other titles in NA this year. The first is the US release of  Operation Flashpoint: Red River on June 7, followed by the destructive Bodycount in summer and then F1 2011 in September.

It’s just peachy when publishers work together like this. Of course, we’re sure THQ is getting a slice of those profits, but it makes us want to join hands and sing kumbaya all the same.