Is “Evolved” the name of L4D developer’s THQ game?

Publisher THQ’s announcement earlier today was so slim on details that it didn’t even include the name of the title that Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios is creating for them. A few recent domain name registrations may have just helped with that though.

As discovered by superannuation, domain names,, and have been recently picked up the publisher, all created on April 28-29, 2011. Right now, all three are loading blanks.

Going by those domains, the game being named “Evolved” appears to be a good bet. Needless to say, this goes purely on the rumor/speculation pile for now as the domains could well be related to something else entirely. But it does sound like it could fit, seeing as THQ referred to the game as an “original, groundbreaking multiplayer experience.”

Whatever the name, the game will be out in 2013. Expect a reveal sometime after E3.