Millions rolling into the World of Tanks

Who would ever suspect that an MMO focused on the driving and use of tanks would be a smash hit? Not many,  including the developers of the now unsuspecting hit World of Tanks. But it turns out that the free-to-play tank MMO’s 30 v 30 tank battles are proving to be popular in both Russia and North America.  Since the launch of World of Tanks, the game has signed up over 2 million users from Russia and over 1 million in the North American regions. CEO Victor Kislyi discussed the surprise nature of World of Tanks‘ success: “At the very beginning of development for World of Tanks, we were assuming that the maximum number would be around 600,000 players worldwide. Now, we have two million registrations in Russia alone, not to mention the Western audience and its immense growth.”

By’s estimation they’ve since exceeded their initial predictions by 2.4 million users; a very hefty difference, needless to say.