Resistance 3 packs pre-order goodies, special editions

So you’ve setup your Sackboy bookends, Helghast helmet and made space for the Cole statue; what’s next for your Sony shelf? Insomniac have you covered with a sweep of pre-order bonuses and special editions for their upcoming shooter, Resistance 3.

Both the US and PAL regions will be getting the game pre-order deals, as shown on their respective PlayStation blogs. It’s the usual ‘different retailers get different stuff’ gig, although only the stores for the US have been revealed.

The most enticing bonus is a replica necklace that’s worn by hero Joseph Capelli in the game. Two Chimeran teeth dangle from it, and it will be available at Gamestop along with immediate access to rank 5 in multiplayer.

Other retailers get in-game stuff: Walmart has exclusive online name-tags, Amazon has the classic Air Fuel Grenade, Best Buy has an exclusive Nathan Hale skin for multiplayer, and Canadian and other US retailers get a Black Ops trooper skin. That’s Black Ops as in the unit; don’t expect any Call of Duty cameos.

Also detailed for PAL territories (but surprisingly unmentioned for US) are two special editions. The apply titled “Special Edition” will come with a metal case, all the pre-order content, and a vinyl-effect Blu-ray disc.

All of that will also come in the “Survivor Edition,” pictured above. This is the big bucks, packing a canvas satchel, Chimeran firing range target, toy soldiers (?), playing cards, hip flask and a replica of Capelli’s journal. You don’t need any of it but you want it, admit it.

A PAL release has also been confirmed; September 7 for most countries and September 9 in the UK and Ireland. They join the September 6 US date.