Sonic Generations listed for 3DS, Shinobi announced

Anyone here still read Nintendo Power? Seeing covers from time to time can really take a gent back to the classy days of the Super Mario 3 raccoon suit. The rag is still chugging along and is usually good for breaking news from the Nintendo mother ship.

An upcoming Nintendo Power issue confirms previous hints that Sonic Generations will speed its way onto the 3DS. The  cover sports the Blue Blazer himself and suggests the 3DS release will celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary, just like the previously confirmed releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 last month.

Even more intriguing was the cover’s mention of Shinobi, the existence of which has today been confirmed by Sega, with some screenshots and the trailer below, no less.

The Griptonite Games-developed title will come complete with StreetPass, achievements, challenges, and a combo system that switches between melee, ranged and acrobatic attacks.

It’ll hit the 3DS this September.