Cloud gaming to be “significant part of the landscape” – Carmack

3D, social gaming, motion controls; it’s hard to know which of the many new technologies impacting gaming right now will have a lasting effect. However John Carmack, the id Software legend behind Doom has placed his bets on cloud gaming.

“I think cloud gaming will eventually be a significant part of the landscape,” he told IndustryGamers (as picked up by VG247).

“Consumers have shown over and over again that convenience can often more than offset some quality issues, and there will be significant convenience wins possible there over optical media or digital downloads.”

According to Carmack the switch to cloud is “inevitable”. He doesn’t speculate as to when, but he’s sure it’s coming. All other possible changes he believes are “obvious”: “Another console generation, big MMOs on PCs, more movement towards digital distribution, smartphones encroaching on dedicated gaming territory, and so on.”

How will older development studios like id embrace these changes? Look to their latest, Rage, to find out.