David O. Russell off Uncharted film

Well this should set fanboy hearts aflutter. David O. Russell, acclaimed writer/director of such films as Three Kings and last year’s Oscar-nominated The Fighter, has left the adaptation of the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune videogame that he was planning to write and direct. The director cited “creative differences” with distributor Sony, says Variety.

The trade paper says that Sony will continue to “aggressively develop” the film, though likely not with rumored-to-be attached stars Mark Wahlberg and Robert DeNiro.

Fans of the game series vehemently opposed Russell’s and Wahlberg’s engagement with the film, due to Russell’s allegedĀ lack of respect for the source material, and a strong campaign to see cult favorite Nathon Fillion fill the title role. So now that David O. Russell is officially, finally off the film, who do you faithful readers think should helm the flick?