Deathspank’s back and he’s brought bacon

Fans of collecting quests, Diablo, and slapstick humour rejoice; a new Deathspank game has been announced. Titled The Baconing, this new downloadable title from Hothead Games will improve on both of last year’s Deathspank titles as well as bringing new comedy and challenges to the table.

Reading the press release, it’s good to know that Hothead haven’t lost the laughs; side-kicks named Bob from Marketing (who has laser beam eyes!), Fires of Bacon, evil thongs, this one’s got it all. The game will see our hero searching for the fires of bacon across new locations like The Forbidden Zone and Barnacle Lake in order to face his biggest threat yet.

The combat system has been improved, giving Deathspank new moves like a shield bash to stun enemies, or a charged attack. He’ll need them, as he goes up against smarter foes that can flank and heal. The new game will include 100+ new quests, 80 new weapons and 70 characters of old and new.

DS mastermind Ron Gilbert won’t beĀ involvedĀ in this one; we hope his absence isn’t felt too much. The game touches down this summer.