eeGeo rises from Realtime Worlds’ grave

Realtime Worlds went down hard and fast after the disastrous release of the original APB, but today marks a new beginning for what’s left of the studio.

Realtime executives  Ian Hetherington, Patrick Chung and Harry Weller have moved on to form and direct eeGeo, a Dundee-based developer just like their former team. Some 20 Realtime staff are already working at the studio, which Develop has confirmed will reveal its first project in a few weeks. As of right now it’s known as Project MyWorld, and is strikingly similar to an old project that was underway before the last team went under. Project Myworld assets and IP were bought by Hetherington’s firm for around £1.1 million.

The concept of the game is to build a city and then play games within it. You could build a perfect race course to drive round for example, or dodge sky scrapers in planes. That’s an idea with potential.

Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement from this new team soon.