Hideo Kojima cuts E3 rumors down, keeps some alive

Hideo Kojima’s s*** just got real; the Metal Gear mastermind isn’t playing around with countdowns leading up to this year’s E3 (so far anyways), rather he’s given a bunch of straightforward yes/no answers to what he might be showing off, via the Kojima Productions podcast (picked up by Andriasang).

Let’s start with the negatives: there won’t be a Metal Gear Solid 5 reveal, there won’t be an MGS4 NGP port, he won’t be showing up at Microsoft’s conference (after doing so for two years running), and he won’t be showing off Metal Gear Solid Rising‘s multiplayer modes.

The positives? Well, not much to go on there we’re afraid, other than the fact that he is indeed planning something big for Metal Gear Solid‘s 25th anniversary in 2012. Maybe those HD updates will be revealed?