Bungie could be teasing July 7th reveal

Since it became clear that Bungie won’t be going to E3 this year, there has been speculation about when the developer would finally talk about the project they’ve been working on, since signing on with Activision last year.

Looking down the calendar, the next obvious possibility for a reveal would be Bungie Day, an event that take place every year on July 7th.

Some comments made by the people behind the weekly update on Bungie.net could be interpreted as a clue that this might be the case. In response to user comments about the developer being less active on the site lately, this response was posted:

“Yup, truth told we have been less and less active on Bungie.net as of late. Part of that is owed to my aforementioned travel arrangements, but a significant amount of my time is also now being dedicated to other upcoming endeavors that won’t make a splash on the front page until Bungie Day closes in around us. Unfortunately, that means there are just too many balls in the air for me to juggle without letting a few fall to the ground.

More explicit details about those balls in the weeks ahead.”

Make of that what you will.