Lack of competitive multiplayer in Red Faction: Armageddon explained

Apparently feeling in a chatty mood, Red Faction: Armageddon lead designer David Abzug has come out and talked about the lack of competitive multiplayer in the game.

The feature was after all present in the predecessor, Red Faction: Guerrilla, but in an interview with Beefjack, Abzug explains how this has all to do with the games’ new feature, the Nano Forge abilities.

“We went with a co-op multiplayer mode because we thought it worked better for our game [with] the Nano Forge abilities,” he said.

“We have Nano Forge abilities that give different powers, for example, Impact – the first one you get in the game – that knocks things flying and blows holes in walls. Later on you get other abilities: Shockwave knocks your enemies up in the air and suspends them in stasis for a few seconds; Shell, puts a forcefield around you and blocks all incoming damage.”

“Now picture that in a multiplayer game where you take Shell so you’re the one we all gather around so you can pop it up when we need it. I take Shockwave to act as crowd control for the group. You take Commando so your weapons do more damage and you take Impact to knock things flying when they get too close. It makes it better to work together as a team.”

The game’s co-op is a Horde-like mode where players defend structures against waves of enemies. How well it works, we’ll have to wait until the game’s release to find out.