Red Faction dev hints at user-generated content in series’ future

Few game series has put destructibility of the environment at the front and center of its identity as much as the Red Faction series. In an interview with VideoGamer, lead designer for the upcoming Red Faction: Armageddon, David Abzug, discusses the tech behind that destructibility and the potential for future developments that lie therein.

Asked about the possibility of letting users make their own content, Abzug answers that it is something they are very keen on. It was dropped from Armageddon early on due to time constraints though.

This leads him to talking about the GeoMod 2.0 engine, and the promise it holds for expanding the gameplay concepts into new areas:

“GeoMod 2.0 is an amazing thing. When Red Faction: Guerrilla started getting made, the structure artists would build a building – and it’d look fantastic – but when they put it in the game world it’d fall over. They actually had to learn basic architectural concepts, as opposed to just what was in their imaginations – they had to build things that stayed together. Once you started actually applying physics to them.”

“A Red Faction building, in terms of processor and memory is probably ten to twenty times – at least – as complicated as a building in Call of Duty, for example.

“I think we’ve far from mined the potential gameplay from destruction. There’s a lot more that can be done with it. Picture a puzzle game using the destruction engine, picture a super-hero game, where when you knock someone through a wall, you actually knock them through a wall.

“The potential for a destruction-based engine is the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver. We’ve been making games with hammers – we have a screwdriver. It’s a whole ‘nother way things can be done.”

After Guerrilla‘s focus on open-world destruction, Armageddon is set to return to the more structured form of the earlier games in the series. It seems though that in the future we could see developer Volition start to travel in some new directions with the series.

Red Faction: Armageddon will be released early next month.