Rumor: Sony’s NGP to be called PS Vita

A rumor popped up over on Games Pundit that the new handheld console Sony announced with the placeholder name Next Generation Portable, or NGP, is going to get the official name PS Vita. The rumor has now gained credence through the appearance of a picture of the console sporting the new logo, allegedly taken from an E3 proof sheet.

The word “vita” has latin roots meaning ‘life’, and is often connected with health products, such as vitamins and health food brand names, and is probably bound to cause some frowned noses when used in connection with a console. The retaining of the “PS” means Sony is still seeking to link the console to the PlayStation family, but the fact that it is forgoing the most obvious name of PSP2 could be seen as an attempt to distance it from the PSP. Although it could also simply mean a wish to clearly indicate a generational gap, something that could be seen as a problem between Nintendo’s 3DS and DS.

All this remains speculation though. It is worth bearing in mind that while Sony seems to have had trouble keeping a lid on it’s announcements of late, many rumors circling around the naming of the Move turned out to be untrue.