DJ Hero developer Freestyle Games defies death, mostly

Activision has developed a reputation for suddenly shuttering development studios that don’t rake in the cash, but  DJ Hero developer Freestyle Games has been surprisingly granted a reprieve, saved from the firing squad that took down the company’s entire music-game business division. The UK developer has announced that they will be working on “a new, innovative project” for Activision, despite the poor sales of DJ Hero 2.

“While we are still in a consultation process with the studio, we cannot release details about the project we will be working on but we look forward to sharing more information in the coming months,” said creative director Jamie Jackson, who described the mystery project to Eurogamer as “very, very exciting.”

But it’s not all hugs and high fives at the studio; an estimated 35 Freestyle staffers will be out of work. Sure, it’s a lot better than the hundreds left jobless when Activision put a bullet in the Guitar Hero franchise, but try telling that to one of those thirty-five getting the axe. “We will be really sorry to lose members of the Freestyle Games family,” said design director David Osbourn, adding that the studio will offer outplacement counseling services to the affected employees. “[But] we have no doubt that their talents will be in high demand throughout the industry.”