Metro: Last Light announced, first trailer, screens

THQ has today formally announced and revealed the follow-up to 4A Games’ Metro 2033. Titled Metro: Last Light, the post-apocalyptic game’s premise is about as peachy as you’d expect; players will find themselves in the midst of “a desperate civil war for control over a doomsday device that threatens to destroy humanity forever.”

According to THQ Core Games EVP Danny Bilson, Last Light “improves on the original in every way – it will have more polish, deeper and more sophisticated gameplay, and satisfyingly visceral combat, without losing what our fans loved about the original.” All around improvements, then. We’re game.

Chances are everyone will be far more aware of this one as well: “We believe that Metro 2033 was a flawed masterpiece,” Bilson also says. “It was a beautiful, original game that didn’t get the marketing support it needed. We won’t make that mistake with Metro: Last Light.”

A multiplayer component has also been added to beef up the package, though THQ is keeping that under wraps for now, only describing it as “unique.” The game will get more coverage during E3 next week, so maybe then. Not that there isn’t plenty of time for such things; Metro: Last Light will arrive on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime in 2012.

Find the first in-game screenshots in the gallery here.