Syphon Filter 4 accidentally outed?

Well it wouldn’t be Sony news without some sort of leak, would it? According to several gaming forums (including Giant Bomb and Gametrailers), Sony accidentally published information on Syphon Filter 4 at the official PlayStation site.

This came as a surprise to many, seeing as Syphon Filter 4 hasn’t been announced, or even really rumored all that much. Someone over at the site clearly didn’t get the memo though, as the details were taken down around an hour after going up. Whoops.

To back this up, VG247 has found a range of Sony-owned Syphon Filter domain names, although none specifically say Syphon Filter 4. These included:,,, and

If true, then we’ve been lead to believe that Sony London is developing the game with a new engine. E3 reveal, anyone?