Uncharted 3 beta deets are here

Those clamoring to get back online with Nathan Drake are in luck; the first details on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception‘s multiplayer beta have arrived via IGN.

Infamous 2 owners and PlayStation Plus members will be able to get into the demo on June 28, while others will have to wait it out until July 4. It closes on July 13, meaning the Plus members and Cole worshipers will get two weeks while the others get one.

During this time players can level all the way up to 25, though the full game is bound to contain many more ranks. A whopping nine modes will be available, including team deathmatch and its three-man team variant, team objective, free-for-all, the XP-gambling high stakes and three unannounced co-op modes. Both of the maps detailed in last month’s multiplayer trailer will be available.

A sweep of perks, side-turning power ups and streak bonuses will be included, as well as a sampling of weapons, mods and character models. It’s a rare chance to play the game before its November release so make the most of it.