Bodycount demo confirmed, gameplay a “refined experience”

Things have been a bit quiet concerning the world of Bodycount, Codemasters- upcoming frenetic first-person shooter, since they lost their GM. While that caused the game to be pushed back a bit, the positive spin is that a demo is “definitely” being planned.

Andy Wilson, director of Bodycount, has said Codemasters is set on releasing a demo simply to get the game in “as many hands as possible” since people have a huge difference of opinion after seeing the game and then playing it. The developers want players to understand they have “created quite a refined experience when it comes to weapon handling and cover lean and all that sort of stuff.”

Wilson thinks that a Bodycount demo will hold up against the real game “because people are going to want good games,” and if the game is good, and the developers have confidence in their product, “there’s no harm in actually putting it out there.” But, Wilson continues, “if you’ve got one very small trick, and you give it away – you might really get a lot of people going ‘ah, that’s fun – but I’m not going to buy it.’ It can do as much damage as good sometime.”

A bunch of new screenshots were released today as well, along with the box art. Catch those in the gallery here.