Death to bring more RPG to Darksiders II in 2012

Well all knew it was coming but it’s now officially official: Darksiders II is on its way and is coming in 2012 to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The new game will not feature our stoic friend War from the first game but instead will follow the exploits of one of the other Four Horsemen, Death.

The game will be taking place in parallel to the events of the first game where Death is trying to redeem his Four Horseman brother and save mankind.

The sequel to the Zelda-like action-RPG is going to be getting more RPG elements injected into itself. It will feature a more robust weapon and armor system as well as a larger game world and larger dungeons with bigger and badder bosses.

If Vigil can keep the flare of the original game intact while adding in more depth, then Darksiders II is bound to be an epic thrill ride for the ages.

There’s no in-game media on offer yet, though a GI cover reveal does offer a good look at the main character.