Stainless Games returns to Carmageddon for a Reincarnation

After a heap of rumors last month, the long-dormant Carmageddon series is set to make a comeback next year. Carmageddon: Reincarnation is being developed by Stainless Games, the team that brought us the original two titles over a decade ago.

CEO and Stainless co-founder, Patrick Buckland, revealed that the team would be taking the game back to “its Indie roots”, as confirmed with their reacquisition of the IP. He added: “Originally an ambitious title that tested the hardware limits of its day, we’re excited that the game will finally get the showcase it deserves on today’s platforms.”

Reincarnation will be available via digital download, meaning you’ll most likely see it pop up on XBLA, PSN and Steam, although no platforms have been confirmed as of yet. Stainless are currently seeking out a partner to bring the game into full-production.

Looks like Twisted Metal has a little competition on its hands.