Voice actor of Duke Nukem hints at “add-on packs”

John St. John, the voice actor of Duke Nukem, is usually known for his manly one-liners about women, candy, and spherical objects. But today, St. John took it a step further and pinned down a topic close to every man’s heart: singing.

St. John has teased that some DLC is bound to come our way, as he stated that he still has more recording sessions to go for the upcoming title. St. John went on to say that “even though the game is still finished, of course there will be special add-on packs and features including… I don’t know if I am allowed to talk about this or not… something that may involve singing. I’ll leave it at that.”

Randy Pitchford, one of the founders of Gearbox, also made a few jabs hinting at plans for DLC. “As we wrap everything up completely and get closer to the launch date,” said Pitchford, “our attentions can be allowed to think about the future again.”

Expect Duke Nukem Forever to make its well-overdue appearance on June 14th in the States and on June 10th everywhere else.