Apple to unveil iOS 5, iCould services on Monday

Come Monday, we will have a very important decision to make. Like the timeless debate of The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones or Han versus Greedo, the very basis of our geek love will be tested June 6 as both Apple and Microsoft each have huge conferences scheduled at the same time. Interestingly, Microsoft’s showing is still shrouded in a bit of mystery, whereas Apple has laid out what they’ll be talking about.

The perennially turtleneck clad Steve Jobs is said to be set to talk about iOS 5, Apple’s next version of their mobile operating system, almost on the one year anniversary of iOS 4’s announcement. Also slated to be discussed will be Lion, the newest update to Mac’s OS X. While those two major updates are worth watching by themselves, ¬†one thing that could be a show stealer from a gaming point of view is the just announced iCloud service.

With Valve, PSN, OnLive, and a host of other gaming entities storing player information and backups in the “cloud” already in full swing, the iCloud service could lump all the currently stored info for ready exchange between iDevices. Not only could mobile gaming benefit, the service could also be used to sync photos, video, music, etc… without having to worry about on-board memory size.

What’s it going to be, Apple and their known program or Microsoft and their only rumored announcements? I’ll be multitasking it with two browser windows because I’m a decider.