Overwhelming traffic the cause of current PS Store troubles, Sony’s on it

If you’re having trouble accessing the just-relaunched PlayStation Store and its plethora of content, you’re not alone. Users all over are reporting slow download speeds or downright error codes when attempting to download from or access the Store. We’ve tried it from our end as well and tend to get the occasional ‘timed out’ message and 80710D36 error code. So it’s a little sketchy still.

Sony’s on the case though; in a few brief updates in the comments section of the EU PS Blog, SCEE Head of Communications Nick Caplin explains the that the slowness and errors are due to “excessive load” and assures that the company is improving it right now.

“There are so many of you accessing the store at the moment that due to the excessive load, it is a little slow,” Caplin writes. “We are improving it as I write this, so you will see improvements in speed as the day progresses.”

Sony re-opened the Store some hours ago after it being offline for several weeks, what’s another few hours, eh?