Battlestar Galactica Online passes two million users mark

Free-to-play browser-based MMO Battlestar Galactica Online now has more than two million registered users after three months in existence. Managing director of developer Bigpoint says that they’re now in a situation where they can “shift the majority of [their] attention to adding new content and addressing the community’s wish list.”

New content for the month includes new tier 3 “line” ships for the humans and Cylons. The Gungnir for the Colonial fleet, the Nidhogg for the Cylons. “Basic models of both can be unlocked with Cubits (in-game premium currency), and advanced models can be purchased with Merits, which players earn through gameplay such as helping to destroy enemy outposts.” If you play the game, we trust all that made sense to you.

It was announced the game had passed the one million users mark back in April.