Blizzard DOTA still coming, has needed overhaul

After the reveal at last years BlizzCon, not much has been heard of Blizzard DOTA, Blizzard’s “official mod” follow-up on the original, unofficially developed WarCraft III mod DOTA (Defense of the Ancients).

Joystiq has talked to lead producer Chris Sigaty to hear how things are going. “We basically put it back up in the shop and did some massive overhauls to some things, which I’m not going to go into specific detail about,” he told the blog at a press event. “But yeah, we are working on Blizzard Dota, and we do intend to launch it at or around the time of Heart of the Swarm, but the official details will be online later.”

The mod pits characters from varying Blizzard franchises against each other in real-time combat.

Three other official mods for StarCraft II have seen release. Blizzard DOTA has attracted particular interest, since Valve announced around the time of last year’s BlizzCon that it had trademarked and is making a DOTA 2. The move has caused some friction between the two companies.