Kojima reveals FOX Engine, next game is multiplatform

While it wasn’t anywhere near the reveal that many fans were hoping for, iconic game creator Hideo Kojima closed out Konami’s pre-E3 conference with a small glimpse at Kojima Productions’ new tech, the FOX Engine, which has been in development since the team finished Metal Gear Solid 4.

After revealing that the engine would run on both PS3 and 360, the developer teased fans by using an Xbox controller to give a quick run-through of the new tech, which he hopes will become the industry’s best for development.

Footage showed a brightly lit (and rather stunning) jungle with a main character  running around the environment. Kojima stressed that the game was still in very early stages, meaning the content shown may not be in the final game. That said, the character models seemed to suggest this may well be a new IP rather than anything Metal Gear related.

It will be a long time before we hear any more on this one; the Konami figurehead kept repeating that development of the game itself was really only just beginning, saying: “We’re still in the planning phase. We’re experimenting with some of the ideas we have, as well as researching, conducting interviews. From there we take the necessary info we need, and move forward. So when it comes to the title, the game system, or any kind of visuals, there’s nothing I can really show you at this time.”

Have a look at the demo below (there are a few screenshots in the gallery here as well):

He also added that 2011 is “a year of preparation for Konami”. Expect to see the fruits of that preparation in 2012.